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Bronwyn May

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Promote this page with a cool poster. You can determine the text yourself and then print the poster and put it up anywhere. Anyone can make a poster of this page, including friends, family, colleagues, people from your sports team or classmates. Put the poster up in a supermarket, behind the window at shops, at companies or at school. Putting up a poster is often no problem if you ask nicely and explain what it is for.

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€ 50 30-03-2019 | 17:59
€ 25 30-03-2019 | 12:41 Donatie voor de lieve gezonde mensen die het opnemen voor mensen met ongeneeslijke ziektes . Dat geeft niet alleen financiële steun maar ook mentale steun . Mijn zus is helaas getroffen door MS
€ 10 30-03-2019 | 10:15
€ 25 30-03-2019 | 08:24 Zet ‘m op 👍🏻💪🏻
€ 15 30-03-2019 | 08:07