Let's do it for MS research!

Michelle Kasprzak

( Rokjesdagloop 5km )

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I'm a novice runner trying to kick my own butt into training more. I am also friends with several people who have MS or are impacted by this disease. Plus I think I get to wear a stupid tutu or something at this 5k race?! What a great excuse to get out and run -- help me raise a few clams for MS research! Onward and upward...Thank you!

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€10 30-03-2019 | 22:04 Good luck to my running buddy!! Next time I'll be there with you :)
€10 30-03-2019 | 21:21
€15 27-03-2019 | 20:20 I stand with my girl! You go michelle! P.s i will need a boomerang of u shaking your tutu 😉
€15 27-03-2019 | 18:17
€50 24-01-2019 | 08:52 Because I love Michelle Kasprzak.
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Getting real!

22-01-2019 | 21:52 Thank you so much Tamar for your generous contribution!! (Now I really have to do this thing, ha ha ha!) Who knows maybe I can raise more than 100 EUR? Let me sweeten the deal: Selfies from the race for all donors!!
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