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Kevin van Hese
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The first reason is the upcoming birth of our daughter. I want to become fit again as I was fat like a pig, haha. The choice for supporting MS Research could not be easier as my mother has MS. I hope to pull in large amounts of donations to help MS Research in finding a cure or at least better treatment. Any 1€ will help!! Thanks

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€15 23-09-2018 | 10:13
€15 23-09-2018 | 09:40 Zet hem op KR!
€15 20-09-2018 | 07:47
€25 19-09-2018 | 22:40 Tof dat je dit doet! Je kan het en zet hem op! :)
€15 29-05-2018 | 18:34 Topper, goed initiatief! Zet m op!👊🏽